Wroclaw University of Technology (WUT) is one of the largest and the best technical universities in Poland. It educates over thirty-three thousand students under the guidance of more than 2 000 academic teachers. Strong position in the research and in teaching places WUT among the top technical universities in Poland. The educational standards offered at the academy are closely connected with our dynamic scientific work and industrial experience. Research and education are strongly influenced by international cooperation with over 430 partner universities all over the world. WUT scope of activity corresponds to the areas of knowledge related to the twelve university faculties: Architecture, Civil Engineering, Chemistry, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Geoengineering, Mining and Geology, Environmental Engineering, Computer Science and Management, Mechanical and Power Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Fundamental Problems of Technology, Microsystem Electronics and Photonics.

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WUT contribution to the project:
  • architectural consultations of a product at the stage of creating guidelines,
  • identification of the target groups (architects) expectations concerning the content presented in the multibook. The idea was to help in preparation of market analysis of the target group in the aspect of demands that should be met while teaching acoustics to make it attractive for architects,
  • testing of Multibook on a selected sample of professional architects.

Joanna Jablonska

The graduate of Faculty of Architecture Wroclaw University of Technology (WrUT); since 2009 PhD in architecture and city planning, spec. architecture; since 2010 tutor/researcher at Faculty of Architecture of WrUT; as a part of didactical, scientific and organizational work she takes part in international research projects, leads her own and intercollegiate research; author of many publication and participant of international and national conferences; since 2012 Representative of Dean for Education in the English Language at the Faculty of Architecture at WrUT for term 2012–2016; since 2011 member of Commission for Architecture and Urban Planning / o. Wroclaw of Polish Academy of Sciences; 2010/2011 Editor in Chief of "world of architecture" magazine for architects nationwide. Since 2003 professional practice and from 2010 member of Chamber of Polish Architects.

Romuald Tarczewski

is a graduate of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Wroclaw University of Technology. He has experiences in working and managing human resources in the construction industry and design offices. For over twenty years he’s associated with the Faculty of Architecture of this university, where he was also the Head of the Structural Design Department. He collaborates with research centers in Europe, Japan, USA and Brazil. Member of the American Mathematical Society (AMS), Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), TensiNet Association and the International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures (IASS), in which is a member of the Executive Council. He is a member of the scientific committees of international conferences in the field of structural engineering and architecture. He is the author of over eighty national and international publications, including the references cited in the SCI / EX list. He combines the scientific work with design activity. Author of many significant projects in the field of structural design, as well as patent applications.