KFB provides expert knowledge in the field of architectural acoustics, industrial acoustics, vibroacoustics and environmental acoustics for all clients operating in the following industries: architectural construction, machine-building, military, electrical, automotive and aviation. Owing to innovative technical and technological solutions, research and development infrastructure and our know-how achieved on the European market KFB supports clients with designing and finding optimal solutions in their products and processes. The team members of R&D department of KFB Polska Sp. z o.o. have significant achievements both in science and industry, oriented to implement innovative solutions. So far, combination of individual merits and work experience have allowed to face up to potentially unsolvable acoustic problems and to solve them successfully. Currently, this accounts main service specialization.

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KFB contribution to the project:
  • the founder and coordinator of the ArAc project,
  • responsible for the management of the project, organization of the transnational meetings in cooperation with partner institutions,
  • acoustical consultations of a product at the stage of creating guidelines i.e. helping in preparation of the multibook concept on the basis of experience, concerning an acoustic projects,
  • coordination of all the works within the project.

Karolina Jaruszewska

Karolina Jaruszewska, MSc.Eng. – a specialist in acoustics; a graduate from Faculty of Electronics The Wrocław Technical University, in the field of study: Electronics and Telecommunication , speciality: Acoustics. From the very beginning of her studies she was involved in social and scientific activities and represented students at Faculty Board of Electronics; was a member and in 2008 a chairwoman of Students’ Chapter of Audio Engineering Society; She participated in AES conventions in Amsterdam, Munich and Berlin. In 2010 she was an intern at the university in Valencia within LLP-Erasmus program, where she carried out research as a member of an international team. The research at the Spanish university regarded sound absorbing periodic structures on the basis of finite-element method. Since 2010 she has been employed in KFB- Polska as a vibroacoustics specialist. She has participated in many research projects and assignments for industry realized by KFB, i.a. cooperation with ABB, 3M, Volvo, Hamilton, GM Manufacturing, Faurecia and SCA. She is a Certified Project Management Associate IPMA, Level D. Main Project Manager of ArAc project.

Filip Barański

Filip Barański, Doctor of Engineering – Chairman of the Board: a scientist and academic, lecturer of Ruhr University Bohum, the co-author of series of lectures awarded by students the best lecturer of the year in the years 2004-2008, the author of several dozen of articles and scientific publications; received an award and honour for his doctoral thesis, reviewed by Prof. J. Scholten and Prof. W. Poppy. The manager of several dozen of projects for German industry in the field of machine building, acoustics and vibration, scientific research, vibroacoustic simulations and numerical computing. Since 2007 a Member of Association of Münchener Kreis der Baumaschinentechnik. This association from Munich consociates technical directors of the biggest producers of construction machines in the world. It includes representatives of the following concerns: Wirtgen GmbH, Bauer AG, TEREX GmbH, Liebherr GmbH, Komatsu GmbH, AMMANN Group, Wacker Group. His key qualifications are: organizational and managerial experience in leading and completing research and engineering projects for industry ( building, computing, measurements and prototype production); experience in transfer of research results and their adaptation to industry ( methods and systems of measurement, machine and facility prototypes, software); experience in acoustics and machine vibrations.