Kahle Acoustics provides acoustic consulting services for every type of performing arts venues projects, such as concert halls, opera houses, theatres and auditoria. Kahle Acoustics is particularly attuned to the stringent requirements of architectural design on the one hand, and the expectations and sensibilities of musicians and artists on the other hand. Kahle Acoustics’ approach is highly multi-disciplinary. Kahle Acoustics, founded in 2001 by Eckhard Kahle, is located in Brussels, Belgium and works in multiple languages — French, English, Dutch and German — and on three continents — Europe, North America, and Asia. Kahle Acoustics frequently collaborates with some of the world's most prestigious architects, such as Renzo Piano, Jean Nouvel, Rafael Viñoly, Terry Pawson, Paul Andreu and Rem Koolhaas.

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KAHLE Acoustics contribution to the project:
  • acoustic consultations of a product at the stage of creating guidelines i.e. helping in preparation of the multibook concept on the basis of experience, concerning an architect- acoustician cooperation. Identification and definition of elements that the applications should consist of; as it would be interesting and useful from architects’ viewpoint,
  • responsible for preparation of the content relevant to practical acoustic-architectural issues and instructional films which will show effects of architect-acoustician cooperation.

Eckhard Kahle

Born in Karlsruhe, Germany. After obtaining a Vordiplom at the University in Bonn, he continued his studies of physics at Clare College, Cambridge (England), receiving a Master of Philosophy in physics for his work in modeling the microstructure of wood used by violinmakers when creating the front plates of stringed instruments. Dr. Kahle completed his physics degree at the University of Aachen. He then joined the room acoustics group at IRCAM – Pierre Boulez’ institute for research in music and acoustics – in Paris, working on an objective model of the perception of acoustical quality in concert halls, opera houses, and recital halls. This model was validated in his doctoral thesis (1995), based on a series of extensive objective acoustical measurements and subjective listening tests in several European facilities for music performance. His thesis jury included some of the world’s most accomplished researchers in the field of room acoustics. From 1995 to 2001, Eckhard Kahle worked as acoustic consultant at ARTEC in New York on the design of multiple international performing arts projects. In 2001 he founded Kahle Acoustics in Brussels, and has since then completed many critically acclaimed projects such as the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis and The Morgan Library in New York; USA. The Curve in Leicester; UK. And also the Bordeaux Auditorium along the Paris Philharmonie, both in France. Kahle Acoustics projects featured in the Ar-Ac multibook and led by Eckhard Kahkle are : Studio 4 Flagey, Brussels, Belgium. Ensemblehaus in Freiburg Germany, Stavanger Konserthus in Norway, Auditorium Nouveau Siècle in Lille, France, Rheinau Musikinsel in Switzerland and CampusOne in Karlsruhe Germany.

Thomas Wulfrank

Born in Belgium in 1977. Studied Engineering at the University of Ghent, obtaining his Master’s degree (burgerlijk ingenieur) in July 2000 with Great Distinction. His curriculum included a one- year guest program at the Department of Acoustic Technology, Technical University of Denmark (DTU Lyngby). His Master’s thesis dealt with auralisation techniques (ambisonics) and auditory virtual reality in the context of architectural acoustics. During the academic year 2000-2001, Thomas Wulfrank undertook further studies at IRCAM in Paris where he completed the multidisciplinary Master of Science program “DEA ATIAM”, consisting of pre-doctoral courses in acoustics and signal processing applicable to music, and a research project on auditory masking in Steve McAdams' psycho-acoustics team. From 2002 to 2005, Thomas was acoustic consultant at Arup Acoustics in the UK, mainly working on concert hall and opera house projects. He joined Kahle Acoustics as an associate in 2006. Thomas’ technical specialist areas are acoustic measurement and modelling techniques. He has a particular interest in the acoustics of curved surfaces and acoustic optimization of architectural design. Kahle Acoustics project featured in the Ar-Ac multibook and led by Thomas Wulfrank is De Bijloke Muziekcentrum in Gent, Belgium.

Yann Jurkiewicz

Born in France in 1982. Studied at École Centrale engineering school in Paris and obtained his diploma as Ingénieur des Arts et Manufactures in 2005. This education enabled him to gain advanced knowledge in all fields of engineering, in a spirit of synthesis and creativity. During summer 2004, he did an internship in architectural acoustics for the GRECO, a research laboratory part of the École d’Architecture in Bordeaux. He then undertook a one-year specialization in École Centrale de Lyon, obtaining a Master’s degree in acoustics with highest distinction. His Master’s thesis is the result of a research project carried out during his final year internship at Arup Acoustics in New York and investigated perceptual and quantitative aspects of acoustic quality on stage, as perceived by orchestra musicians. Yann joined Kahle Acoustics in 2006 and became an associate in 2011. Kahle Acoustics projects featured in the Ar-Ac multibook (where Yann Jurkiewicz is involved) are Stavanger Konserthus in Norway and Auditorium Nouveau Siècle in Lille France.