Final conference

Results of two years of working on ArAc - The Multibook of Architectural Acoustics were presented at the FINAL CONFERENCE on the 15th April 2015 in Wrocław in the presence of 260 conference participants. After a brief presentation of the app three speakers from Brussels, Leuven and Berlin gave lectures about trends in design and tools used in architectural acoustic.

2nd testing Group Meeting

After few months of programming we were able to give the (almost) final version of the app to architects. They watched it, read it, play with it and then share with us their impressions and gave us some suggestions

3rd Workshop

Third workshop in Wrocław was the last meeting of all Partners before materials were transformed into App. We analyzed suggestions and remarks presented by the testing group. The workshop was dedicated to a discussion about the materials in form of animations, graphics and instructional films.

Testing Group Meeting

Before transforming all the materials into electronic form we met with a testing group - ARCHITECTS with different specializations and experience - to discuss the substantive content of the Multibook and future structures of application.

2nd Workshop

During the 2nd workshop we summarized our current materials. Each Partner presented apart of the Multibook content. We discussed all those materials and decided which part is fine and which needed further development.
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Together with a film crew and a photographer we visited 7 places in different countries to collected visual materials for Multibook. Materials realized in Stavanger, Ghent, Lille, Brussel, Leuven, Rheinau, Karlsruhe and Freiburg are part of instructional films which show effects of architect-acoustician cooperation.

1st Workshop

The workshop in Wrocław was the first meeting of all Partners involved in the project. The most important work was to create the Multibook's table of content, which we did successfully. After the workshops each Partner got part of the materials to work on. It was also a great occasion to get to know one another.