Fine acoustics

should merge with architecture
to become one

Nouveau Siècle, LILLE

The Multibook

ArAc-Multibook of Architectural Acoustics is an application for mobile devices (tablets, smartphones both for iOS and Android). The Multibook is the first application of this kind in the form of a acoustics manual for architects. The user has mobile access to information at any time and in any place.

Available for iOS and Android devices.

The main purpose of the multibook

is to fill the gap in technical literature innovatively and to increase architects’ awareness about the role acoustic comfort plays in the life of humans.

What do people think?


“Our wish was to create ‘multimedia book’ that will be useful in architects’ daily work. It means a tool perceived not only as an introduction to acoustic problems but also as a constant help in the design.”

Karolina Jaruszewska, Project Coordinator

the Multibook